Fabienne is a great listener. Before meeting with my attorney, or before a settlement meeting, I always schedule a prep meeting with Fabienne. I had a lot of legal documents to review and Fabienne really helped me make the most of my time with my lawyer. She helped me be calm and together we talked through and set my priorities and goals. I always felt like I was in great hands with Fabienne.
Carole, White Plains, Feb 2014
I started working with Fabienne before I decided to get a divorce. I am a Marketing Manager so I work with statistics and spreadsheets all day long. I found Fabienne’s work to be clear, simple and comprehensive. Fabienne created a marital spending report that gave me clarity around our expenses. Later on, during the mediation process, she analyzed different alimony and child support scenarios and showed the different financial outcomes of each. She also analyzed different property division options and their long-term financial impacts. Thanks to her analysis, I had financial clarity and felt knowledgeable enough to negotiate my settlement with confidence.
Anna, Rye, May 2014
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