Before You Sign a Joint Tax Return, Be Aware of What You’re Signing!

Before You Sign a Joint Tax Return, Be Aware of What You’re Signing! by Fabienne Swartz

{3:55 minutes to read} Tax time is a great prompt—for some people the only prompt—to think about finances. I have found that many of my clients actually know very little about the marital finances, trusting instead that their spouse will make appropriate decisions. Unfortunately, women who do that are putting themselves at risk for a variety of reasons: 

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Taming Divorce’s Paper Tiger

Taming Divorce’s Paper Tiger By Fabienne Swartz

{2:58 minutes to read}

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster.

You might wake up one morning in a good mood and confident that the worst is behind you when, all of the sudden, an email from your ex sends you reeling. And on top of that roller coaster, there is another dizzying challenge: Taming the paper tiger of financial documents.

Just as a divorce coach dissects emotional obstacles for their clients, financial advisors dissect that intimidating mound of bills and monthly statements. In New York, the first step toward that goal is gathering the required information to complete a Statement of Net Worth.

I view the Statement of Net Worth as an opportunity; once all of the pertinent information has been gathered, in almost every instance, it becomes apparent that living on one income is going to force each party to make cutbacks in their spending. That is where the idea of spending plans comes in.

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