Going Through a Divorce? Don’t Forget to Take a Vacation!

Going Through a Divorce? Don’t Forget to Take a Vacation! by Fabienne Swartz

{2:15 minutes to read} There is a mistaken belief that if you are going through a divorce, your life should immediately change for the worse. This is simply not realistic — or very humane, if you ask me. People going through divorce are human beings with needs, including the need to vacation. The break from the pressure, anxiety, and stress that vacations offer is often a powerful antidote to the stress of divorce.

And that’s fine. If traveling abroad with children, I highly recommend obtaining a travel consent letter from your spouse. Many countries require this authorization as part of an effort to prevent child abduction. You may not be able to get in without one. Our friendly neighbor to the north is actually one of the strictest in this regard, requiring a travel authorization letter whenever a child is brought into the country with only one parent — whether you are married or divorced. Every time!

Unfortunately, there are times when going away for vacation is not realistic. The good news is that taking a perfect staycation has become an art. Here in the New York metropolitan area, there is much to choose from, like:

  • beaches;
  • the forever-wild Catskill mountains;
  • staying in a luxurious hotel for a night “just because”;
  • shopping in quaint Hudson Valley villages;  
  • every kind of day spa, beauty treatment, and health club; or
  • Central Park, MoMA, the Guggenheim, Lincoln Center, the Highline, etc., etc.

Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, make sure to disconnect yourself — literally. I recently spent a day doing a bunch of different things without my phone turned on, and I never felt so rested. Many people make the mistake of going on vacation and never truly relaxing. Unplugging from your phones, tablets, and laptops actually creates a vacation wherever you are.

Divorces are challenging and can be quite painful — making vacations all the more important. Taking a break from the process, both physically and mentally, is a good way to take care of yourself.

How do you juggle your need to recharge and the economic reality of your divorce? If you’re trying to strike a balance, you may benefit from seeing a coach. For more information about my services and philosophy, contact me here.

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