Jump-Starting Your Life in the Midst of Divorce

Jump-Starting Your Life In The Midst Of Divorce By Fabienne Swartz

{1:51 minutes to read} Alimony, or spousal support, is meant to be rehabilitative in nature; the non-working spouse is expected to return to the workforce after a certain amount of time.

But when someone has been out of the workforce for a long period of time, they may have missed out on important innovations in their industry.

There is also the spectre of “soft” age discrimination, the unconscious or conscious motivation that leads companies to prefer younger job applicants. Luckily it is not difficult to combat these negative forces with the right plan and action. 

  • Make yourself marketable by completing a profile on LinkedIn.
  • Reconnect with your old co-workers while seeking out new connections.
  • Volunteer or raise funds for a non-profit organization in a capacity that is relevant to your field. For example, an accountant may bolster their résumé by serving as treasurer of the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Planning for the future is the perfect time to remember what you loved in the past. If you have experience doing something you are passionate about, you can find a way to make it lucrative again.

Divorce also presents a natural “system restore” point where each spouse can consider the big picture and ask questions about the future.

  • Would getting a degree increase my earning capacity?
  • Are there non-degree classes or certifications that can increase my earning capacity?
  • Where does Social Security play into all of this?

In the past it has typically been women who were the non-monied spouse, but that is changing. Professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution, like Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, are equipped to work closely with all types of families. What does your future look like?

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